If you like Yoga, you’ll love the Medical Qigong exercise that works on all 3 Dantians (energy storage centers). You’ll learn self healing and later can apply these techniques to benefit your family and friends and create environment for personal empowerment at home and in the work place. The practice brings deep relaxation and quick noticeable improvements. You will learn how to become more focused and improve your concentration through easy-to-follow movement and meditation instructions. You will gain understanding of how your emotions directly affect your inner organs and will be able to regulate and correct the energy flow throughout the meridian channels and the 5 major organs in your body. The practice creates a true feeling of one dancing in the healing and loving heart of the Universe.

Benefits of Regular Medical Qigong Exercise:

• Helps prevent and correct chronic pain and i!ness in the body
• Helps slow down aging • Helps improve the functions of the mind: the mind becomes focused, clear, and more creative
• The physical body feels stronger, lighter and healthier
• Helps improve and strengthen the functions of a! internal organs, systems, and glands
• Improves the functions of the Central Nervous System
• It is especia!y effective for improving any cardiovascular conditions and normalizing the blood pressure
• It is the best treatment for chronic fatigue and chronic pains, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, upper and lower back pain, joint and muscle pains
• It is the most prescribed exercise for arthritis, strengthening the joints and a!eviating pain
• It helps with any emotional problems because it is a mind-body exercise
• Helps prevent forming and helps dissolve kidney and ga!bladder stones
• Helps lose weight
• Helps strengthen and increase the sexual energy
• Qigong is superior to a! other exercises because mind and body work together
• It brings a feeling of happiness and wholeness

No prior experience is required. Please bring a yoga mat and avoid eating 1hour prior to the class.

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